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    lbaynham Guest

    Default not-a-virus: adware.Win32

    My daily virus check has finding ''
    every day for a while now and every day it politely asks me what I want to do with it. The answer is delete it, of course.
    can I get it automatically deleted? It's becoming a bit tiresome.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    Default Re: not-a-virus: adware.Win32

    Any location of the file? That would be your first clue.
    One the file is found and location, then google and do a registry check. There are extensive lists for Browser Helper Objects to determine what is malware and legit.

    Open the WINDOWS\DownloadedProgramfiles and see if it is there.
    Open the Internet Explorer and under the Tools, check all item in the dropdown of the AddOns.

    Best regards.

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    gaving Guest

    Default Re: not-a-virus: adware.Win32

    I have that exact
    BHO on my computer for 3 weeks now and tried 6 different spyware programs, Adaware, Spybot,AVG spyware, BHO demon etc. None would remove it or even find it
    and I even tried running them in safe mode as Zone Alarm suggested. I was going back and forward to them but the suggestions they offered were not working. What I have done to control it is the following:This BHO was opening up a startup program and was also making my browser run slow, so I stopped this program from opening on startup as I had no use for it anyway and because the BHO was located in this file, it was gone from then on when I ran Zone Alarm scan. You could also delete the program thru Add/Remove programs if you do not need it, but the trick is to find the program it is opening on startup and delete it,
    or remove it
    from startup.I exhausted a lot of time on the internet going into forums reading about this and trying all sorts of spyware programs to get rid of it and nothing would pick it up, so rather than continue searching, I figured that if I did the above, it would isolate it and it worked. Do not
    let anyone convince you
    that the BHO is in the "temp" file on your hard drive because deleting it from there will not remove it. It will only come back on bootup. This is where Zone Alarm scan was telling me it was located and also what they suggested I delete to eradicate it.What I learned about this BHO is it is not a virus but more adware/spyware and it did not harm my computer at all. It just opened the startup program on bootup and made my browser slow to close. My computer is now running fine!

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    That is good news.

    BHO are forms of spyware, but can be downloading other malware quietly in the background. They may download install trojans and adware and the like, or just spy on the user's habits or even record and report information (id's, passwords, etc).

    I place toolbars and BHO in the same category, even if the toolbars are considered safe. JMO.

    Best regards.

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    gregoryd Guest

    Default Re: not-a-virus: adware.Win32

    Hi Gavinc ,
    I to have been getting this annoying ( everytime at startup and although I can delete it , it still is a pain to do this eveytime . My PC experience is limited and as you have been able to stop this Adware , I was wondering if you could give me exact step by step instructions on how do this please .
    You are the last hope of the side .
    Greatly appreciate your help on this

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    gaving Guest

    Default Re: not-a-virus: adware.Win32

    Hi Gregoryd
    I had a program which this adware opened up every time I booted the computer up. Have you noticed
    a program opening by itself
    on bootup? The trick here stop this program from starting on bootup because the adware is contained in this program. I knew the program which was opening and it was a perfectly normal program I knew I had
    on my computer, but it was opening by itself.What I did was the following:
    - Go to Start and click
    Run- Type: msconfig in the box and click ok- A box will open which has a tab at the top called "startup". Click this Tab.- Find the program that is opening up by itself in the list and uncheck the box and click apply. This will stop that program from starting on bootup and hence will not let the spyware on the computer. This is all I did and my computer is now fine. The adaware is still on the computer but is not recognised because the program has not opened. The other thing you can do is to delete the program altogether
    thru the add/remove programs section in your Control Panel and then reload it again
    if it is a program you want to use again. Let me know if I can be of more help. Good Luck. Gavin

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