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Thread: Ugrade from Suite 6

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    nigelbr Guest

    Default Ugrade from Suite 6

    Hi I upgraded my two laptops at the end of my 12 months subscrition and it has been nothing but a pain in the rear end.
    My pc freezes, it stalls my computer login at start up, our laptops are running so slow, it has corrupted my HP wireless printer software.
    Altogether a pain.
    I took the system advcie and upgraded at installation rather than re-install, but after so many problems, I uninstalled suite 6 and loaded the new subscription software, seemd to work at first then last Thursday it would not allow us into either laptop as it kept locking us out of our sign up password page in windows Xp pro.
    I had to relaod in windows safe mode and then do a system restore for about 5 dyas previous till it would let me in.
    Anybody got any answers please
    Nigel B

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:6.1
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    Default Re: Ugrade from Suite 6

    Hi!probably some conflicting software installed on your system.What else is running at startup with ZA? Do you use any other security tools along with ZASS 7.The new ZASS 7 does not play nice with many other security related tools (e.g. spyware doctor, spusweeper, adaware, SpybotS&D, Windows Defender, other AVs, other AS, etc...). If you have such tools please remove them, remove ZASS, clean system and reinstall ZASS. See below detailed instructions.To clean UNinstall you need to follow this procedure (input correctly the /clean and /rmlicense switches and remember to remove ZA folders detailed at the end of the document:, to wipe OFF any left overs followthis step:Go to Start > Search > Files and Folders. Make sure the location box is set to search your Local Hard Drive (usually C:\ ) or All Local Drives. Also make sure the Advanced Search Options are set to search subfolders and hidden files. Now copy the entire line below, paste it into the search box and click Search Now.Zonelabs; "zone labs"; "Internet logs"; vsconfig.xml; vsdata.dll; vsdata95.vxd; vsdatant.sys; vsmon.*; vsmonapi.dll; vsnetutils.dll;vspubapi.dll; zaplus.*; zapro.*; zllictbl.dat; zlparser.dll; zonealarm.exe; zoneband.dll; vsutil.dll; zlclient.*A list of files and folders belonging to ZoneAlarm will appear in the Search Results panel.Note: if you re using McAfee software be sure to check the vsutil.dll if found: right click the file and choose Properties. Verify it belongs to ZoneLabs. If it does not do not remove it. Now proceed by deleting all ZoneLabs files and folders that were found.Empty the Recycle Bin.Run a registry/system cleaner. ccleaner is quite good utility ( Re-download the installer from here (and do NOT use any download managers): NOTE: Better choosing version 7.0.337.000 since apparently latest version 362 is causing to some users a slow XP shutdown.Install with default settings, do not alter them....Once rebooted manual update the antivirus/antispyware signature ('update now' under the antivirus/antispyware tab)After the update perform a full antivirus/antispyware scan.Cheers,Fax

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