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Thread: ZA v7 won't accept new program, Avast AntiVirus < Delete/ReInstall Both Corrupted

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    atwest Guest

    Default ZA v7 won't accept new program, Avast AntiVirus < Delete/ReInstall Both Corrupted

    Hi,We had a big storm, had to shut down when the UPS alarm went off and our Avast! anti virus and perhaps our ZA might have been affected.Some people say they
    interact poorly at best anyway, but I've had few if any problems til now. To fix the Avast! I was told to take all mention of it out of ZA and let ZA ask for it naturally (I wasn't able to update my antivirus protection via the internet). I finally had to uninstall and reinstall the Avast! and that, at least, is running fine. I still can't update it till ZA lets it get on the internet and that won't happen till I can get Avast! into the Program section of ZA. I've done it before, I just can't do it this time. I have no idea why. I was able to do it a few times during the trial and error of fixing Avast! and then not at all at the end of that time yesterday.
    Am I at the point of having to uninstall ZA and reinstall the latest version or does anyone know how I can push ZA to get Avast onto the Program control? I sort of hate the thought of going through all the configuration stuff if I don't have to.
    I just checked and ZA isn't allowing me to add ANY other program items to the Program control section, not just the Avast!
    Should I just reinstall? Best suggestions please and thank you in advance.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    zaswing Guest

    Default Re: ZA wont accept new program, Avast AntiVirus

    There is one module in Avast which they suggest not be installed if you have a paid version of ZA, because they do the same thing and according to Alwil, will conflict. I think it's the privacy section. If you just want to reconfigure in ZA on the programs tab - yes, go ahead, delete Avast (there whould be several lines of Avast) and then when it runs again or needs access, tell ZA to allow and remember.
    That's how it works when things are ok. However, the storm may well have damaged your ZA files, in which case you need to repair. Yes, it'll drop your settings but it is a good repair.
    Instructions here:
    Please also take a look at this post, since it might be more recent information
    I can't tell you how to repair Avast, as it never broke for me, so no experience here.

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    Default Re: ZA wont accept new program, Avast AntiVirus

    Avast should have a repair option in the Add and Remove programs.Instead of install and uninstall there should be a repair option.

    Some AV have special repair application in the program folder.

    Best regards.

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    atwest Guest

    Default Re: ZA wont accept new program, Avast AntiVirus

    Hi,Avast is no longer the problem. It actually did not have a repair that worked since the application had become corrupted from the storm we had. I just uninstalled and reinstalled the latest version and it works just fine. With all the advice on how to fix ZA I saw that doing so would wipe out all my settings and I'd have to reconfigure. So...I did the easy way and got the latest download from ZA, uninstalled, reinstalled and voila! it works just fine after reconfiguration to my old settings. It, too, had become corrupted. That's why it wouldn't accept any programs into Program Control.
    A person can only spend just so much time playing around with these fixes and I spent too much of it. I have the latest versions and they work, so I'm happy.
    Thanks for your trying to help anyway, I appreciate it.

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    Default Re: ZA wont accept new program, Avast AntiVirus

    Great to hear all is well as it should be.

    Best regards.

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