Fellow ZoneAlarm fans --
First, I'll tell you, yes, I've searched for this in the ZA forum. I'm sure it's there, it's got to be a common concern, but I've not found
Here's my question: Does a
list of programs exist that gives a quick summary of the safety of
a program listed in ZoneAlarm, and the effect on your PC if it's blocked?
My wife has now three times been unable to use the internet after clicking on Deny. (The first time when I was stationed
overseas and it resulted in a service
call.) Strangely, even though she sets the Deny under her own login profile, I'm also blocked when I log in as mine. I'm even blocked logging in as administrator. (This really confuses me.)
I fixed it the other day by using System Restore (my wife thought I was such a genius), and fixed it last night by logging in as admin and putting a red X on every program I had any doubt about.
But there were a lot of programs listed that I didn't recognize, eg:.NET Runtime Optimization ServiceApplication Layer Gateway Serviceaspnet_regiis.exeFlash UltraShimjobcheck.exeMMalicious Software Removal Tool Update Stubns1f.tmpnsC.tmpPRESTOPM MFC ApplicationRegistry Editor (boy, that one scared me)Run a DLL as an App (this one, too)SSetup.exeSLE6.tmpupdat32.exe
Some programs were identified a bit when I clicked on them. But can
the description in the info box be trusted? If it says Adobe or Microsoft, can we trust that it really is from them?
You might suggest googling whatever program I'm worried about, but my list of suspected programs runs
two pages long, single spaced, and this would take forever and a day.
Surely a list already exists.
Can anyone point me to it, please.
(Since blocking all those programs last night, by the way, the computer is running like lightning. I wish I knew which program was responsible for slowing us down so much.)

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Software Version:
Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)