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    bcossa Guest

    Default Blocking web sites

    I followed the instructions for blocking a web site and added it to the blocked zone.
    However I can still get to that site.
    I have tried blocking it by URL as well as IP address.
    I can see it listed in the blocked zone but it still lets it through.
    Any suggestions would be welcome.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:7.1 (Vista)
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    watcher Guest

    Default Re: Blocking web sites

    Dear bcossa:

    I'm assuming you went to Firewall panel, Zones tab, when you tried to add a website to the Blocked Zone. Try to create expert firewall rules for the website, one for inbound and one for outbound. Do this by going one tab over to Expert. Expert firewall rules are executed before Zone rules. If a match is obtained, no further checking is done. I use it to block these Chinese spam sites that attempt to make a connection to my computer. I only have to create inbound rules as I have no desire to connect to them. I use the entire registered IP range of the company trying to connect, otherwise they'd get around my rule using another IP address in the range. If it's just a website you are attempting to block, I'd use the Host/Site option when creating the rule.

    I don't know why your method wouldn't work. I have ZAPRO and will give it a try using a website URL and post back.

    Hope this helps.


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    watcher Guest

    Default Re: Blocking web sites

    Dear bcossa:

    I used the Zones tab of the Firewall panel to add to the Blocked Zone. It worked. I receive error, Could not connect to remote server. Once I delete the rule, I connect to the website. Note the rule you create is not applied until you click the Apply rule in the lower right of the Zones tab screen. Ditto for the Expert tab.


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    bcossa Guest

    Default Re: Blocking web sites

    I always use the Apply button when making changes. There was one time when it prompted me to save changes but I have never seen that again. Like I said, I add the blocked site, I click Apply, then I try to go to the site and it lets me in. I go back to the Blocked Zone and the site is still listed there.

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    Dec 2005

    Default Re: Blocking web sites

    When the URL address is added in or as the ZA calls it the IP Address, do you use the Lookup button for the ZA to look up the correct dns IP? Does the ZA components have internet access in the ZA program listing so they can do the look ups? Are the addresses correct and not associated sites? Have you done look ups on whosis sites to see if the IP are correct in the ZA's look ups?

    Best regards.

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