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Thread: Spyware Doctor 5 and ZASS 7

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    ghotiphan Guest

    Default Spyware Doctor 5 and ZASS 7

    sorry if this has been discussed/answered already......
    I had major issues w/ zass and pc tools' spydoctor 4, like all of us who were using sd4....anyway, i'm wondering if the problems w/ the 2 programs have been resolved in their respective latest releases (zass 7 and sd I'm currently running the latest zass (7.0.363) on
    xp pro
    and i want to make sure that there are no conflicts w/ the latest version of spyware doctor. thanks in advance....

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Spyware Doctor 5 and ZASS 7

    The real issue/conflict is that real-time protective elements/active protection/guards/monitors are competing to 'hook into the pc's core systems' and protect it; and both ZA Suite (firewall/anti-virus/anti-spyware/spyblocking,etc.)
    and SpyDoctor (and Webroot SpySweeper/ CounterSpy = the better paid anti-spywares)
    will often have this conflict - one of the thing to do is keep SpyDoctor's 'guards' and other real-time protective/monitoring elements disabled and let ZA Suite cover the 'active protection' - use SpyDoctor as a on-demand scanner or you can "tweak/adjust" to see which shields can co-exist with ZA. Occasionally, you can try experimenting - offline, with ZA Suite temporarily shut-down - open SpywareDoctor to all active/guards and see if the scans pick up anything 'extra' ? Sidenote ZA with Spysweeper -
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