<div class="vb_postbit">My Verizon FIOS broadband connection FREQUENTLY runs slower than my old dialup. Happily, most of the time it's much faster.

I am now using
XP Professional, Service Pack 2b
Internet Explorer 7
Zone Alarm Security Suite Version 7.0.337.000

Sometimes I can wait
a minute for a web page to load.
Other times the same page takes a couple seconds.<div class="vb_postbit">I'm confident it's usually NOT because the source is slow, or that Verizon is slow.
<div class="vb_postbit">Originally I had Internet Explorer 6, &amp; I installed Zone Alarm 7 before going online. Later I switched to Internet Explorer 7.<div class="vb_postbit">I think that's when problems began.<div class="vb_postbit">
<div class="vb_postbit">Did IE7 add security settings that Zone Alarm 7 had turned off with IE6?<div class="vb_postbit">Do I need ANY IE7 security on top of ZA7?<div class="vb_postbit">
What settings are safe for the Internet Explorer 7 security, given that I'm running Zone Alarm 7.0.337.000?

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Software Version:7.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite