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Thread: How do I reset zone alarm programs?

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    koreninja Guest

    Default How do I reset zone alarm programs?

    My list has got huge and I want to clean it out, It will take forever to manually remove each program so is there a way to clear the entire list?

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    watcher Guest

    Default Re: How do I reset zone alarm programs?

    Dear koreninja:

    If you are referring to the programs list, found in the Programs tab of the Program Control panel, you can use the Ctrl key and select all noncontiguous entries you want to remove, then right click on one of them, and click Remove.
    For contiguous entries, click on the 1st one you want to remove, click Shift key, then click the last one you want to remove. Then right click on the highlighted entries and click Remove. To remove the entire list, click on the first entry in the programs list, scroll down to the last entry, then click Shift and click on the last entry. The whole list will be highlighted. Now, right click anywhere on this list and click Remove.

    Hope this helps.


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