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Thread: Complete lock out of computer

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    ryanjustice Guest

    Default Complete lock out of computer

    I ve been using ZA Internet Suite for some time.
    Recently I ve been experiencing a 1 or 3 minute lockout of all functions when accessing e-mail or the Internet.
    What is causing this lockout of all operations?
    How do I fix the problem?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    Default Re: Complete lock out of computer

    You could clean the Zone Alarm database and the Zone Alarm will be as when it was first installed (no junk and almost empty). Often the Zone Alarm database gets corrupted and needs to be removed and then a new database will be built.

    To clean all the entries all at one time (you will lose your settings), just remove the entire ZA database and start fresh. Do this:

    Boot your computer into the Safe Mode

    Navigate to the c:\windows\internet logs folder

    Delete the backup.rdb and iamdb.rdb files in the folder

    Clean the Recycle Bin

    Reboot into the normal mode

    ZA will be just like new with no previous settings or data

    (How to get into the safe mode)

    After the reboot back into the Normal Mode, just set the new found network as Trusted, and then after the initial alerts flurry, just do this:

    Make sure your DNS and DHCP server IP's are in your Firewall's Trusted zone. Finding DNS and DCHP servers, etc

    1. Go to Run and type in command and hit 'ok', and in the command then type in ipconfig /all then press the enter key. In the returned data list will be a line DNS and DHCP Servers with the IP address(s) listed out to the side. Make sure there is a space between the ipconfig and the /all, and the font is the same (no capitals).
    2. In ZA on your machine on the Firewall, open the Zones tab, click Add and then select IP Address. Make sure the Zone is set to Trusted. Add the DNS IP(s) .
    3. Click OK and Apply. Then do the same for the DHCP server.
    4. The localhost ( must be listed as Trusted.
    5. The Generic Host Process (svchost.exe) as seen in the Zone Alarm's Program's list must have server rights for the Trusted Zone.
    Plus it must have both Trusted and Internet Access.

    Extra help is found at Guru Hoov site for the DNS/DHCP.

    Hope this helps, Oldsod
    Best regards.

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    dchacon Guest

    Default Re: Complete lock out of computer

    I am experiencing a similar problem.
    However, my installation is less than a month old (replace Norton, on one machine, and McAfee on another).
    There are extended periods when nothing works, even Windows Task Manager.
    At the end everything that was hung starts up and the machine is fine.
    I am running Windows XP SP2, and ZA.

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    dchacon Guest

    Default Re: Complete lock out of computer

    I have not tried the suggestion yet (busy). I wanted to add that I have also seen vsmon.exe using 100% of the cpu for an extended period of time, maybe 1/2 hour before I left to go home. I do not know if this is related since in this case I was able to use monitor to find out the process name whereas in the other cases I could not. [Operating system Windows XP SP2

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