Hi all! New to forum so please be gentle!
Right. System info: Windows XP SP2
Firefox 2 as default browser
Zonealarm free firewall V.7.0.462.000 Auto Lock OFF

In the ZA Program Control page I've set some of my programs to the blue ticked "ask" mode, mainly so I can control as and when they have internet access, e.g for updates. Typical programs I've set like this are Ad-Aware, Adobe Updater, Apple Software, iTunes, and others.
Until recently this has worked well: when I wanted to check for program updates manually or automatically the ZA alert flag appeared and I would, if necessary, tick the "allow" box permitting the relevant program access to the relevant site.

Lately, and for no obvious reason, each time the ZA alert pops up and I tick " allow" my internet connection cuts out and I have to reconnect.I've double checked the program permits and they still have the "?" ask settings, so why am I getting cut out when I OK the request?

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Software Version:
Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)