Hello again Oldsod and forum,
I am still tweeking my Programs permissions and have a few more questions. I have just used some programs and 'new' browsers since my new install of ZoneAlarm Pro.. but it wasn't until today that I noticed Netscape, Opera and Firefox had established themselves automatically with Full Server permission (trusted and internet server). Are these Zone Alarm's defaults for "Auto" settings?
I have set these to disallow any server rights, but am curious to know if this should be a red flag - or a typical experience as Zone Alarm user.
Additionally, MSN and Windows Messenger had Server access... Windows Messenger had green checks across the board. I can't imagine this is the automatic that Zone Alarm recommends. I have disabled server access. I never use Windows messenger. I only used the afore mentioned browsers to view a web project in different browsers.
My PC is running fine,
I mostly ask as I am trying to determine if from my recent experience with exploit-byte.verify if my PC is really rid of any malware, and if any of what I mention should cause me concern.
One more... my Mouse Control Center is listed in Programs... it currently displays a row of question marks across the board. What are the recommended settings for this (em_exec.exe)?
Thank you very much,Kathy