There is never a dull moment when it
comes to upgrades.
I have one particular flash drive (Simpletech 512 MB P/N 90000-600003-002) that suddenly failed to work on my laptop.
Explorer recognized the drive, but none of the folders appeared.
All of my other flash drives worked perfectly in the laptop, and this flash drive worked perfectly in all other PC's.
After some back and forth with tech support at ZA, it was suggested that I temporarily disable On-Access scanning in the Advanced Options of anti-virus...and indeed, the drive worked.
I just upgraded ZA on my desktop PC (Windows XP on both systems, by the way), and now the drive also fails to work on that PC, but DOES work after temporarily disabling On-Access scanning.
Just wanted to save someone else some troubleshooting time if they happen to encounter a similar problem...the person at tech support promised to bump up the issue to those in product development, but I'm not expecting any further answers...maybe the next upgrade will address it...merely for intellectual reasons, I'd be most interested in understanding why just one flash drive has this issue.

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Software Version:7.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite