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<blockquote>This is the bases for any program control system... may be its not written exactly like this in the manual </blockquote>By the way, if you use 7.1 then the manual is here:http://download.zonelabs.com/bin/med...ser_manual.pdf

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<hr></blockquote>Manual is very unclear - in fact (as agreed) it is wrong!!
What was actual change in recent version?? Advanced Program Control not activated by default?? or something else??
Do you use DefenseAdvisor on automatic and just trust the ZA system??
I did come across one contradiction for Sevices and Controller app (C:\Windows\System32). DefenseAdvisor (on automatic) would allow program for both Access and Server (both Trusted and Internet) BUT if you ask for further information the
ZA site for DefenseAdvisor recommends that you deny internet server rights!!!
Do you know the address to access the DefenseAdvisor information on the web??