I have ZAISS 7. I prefer to keep Parental Control always turned on - even for adults.
It prevents inadvertantely going to sites which usually contain viruses / trojan horses.
For example, a lot of free music sites on the web actually contain trojans/viruses.

So, using Parental Control, I set it to block MP3 / Streaming.
But there are some safe MP3 / Streaming sites (Like www.youtube.com) which I would like to allow.

So, I set up an Expert firewall rule to allow www.youtube.com. I tested the rule and it works.
Then I set Parental Control to block MP3 / Streaming.

I was hoping ZAISS7 with allow Expert Firewall Rules to override Parental Control, but it doesn't.

Fax, Oldsod, other Gurus - Do you know of a way to accomplish this - To allow www.youtube.com, but to block all other MP3 / Streaming?



Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Software Version:7.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite