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Thread: Configuration for Oracle DB

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    gordond Guest

    Default Configuration for Oracle DB

    Hello I have just bought ZoneAlarm Internet Security suite. I have installed the software and configured the pieces.
    I noticed that some of the processing I am doing on my machine has slowed and started to investigate what was lowing down my machines. For my work I need to run Oracle database software on one of my machines. What i noticed is that vsmon.exe from ZoneAlarm was taking up to 10% CPU at times when the overall CPU usage was nearly 80%. Now the curious thing is that the Oracle software is configured in ZoneAlarm and all the access is local such as the same machine or another machine in the same local domain.

    How do I configure ZoneAlarm from scanning the Oracle data on the local machine or within the local network.

    I also have a similar issue with Apache Tomcat. ZoneAlarm is scanning all the network traffic even though it is all local.

    Thank you

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    zaswing Guest

    Default Re: Configuration for Oracle DB

    Just guessing, it might be one of those instances when you may have to tell ZA that the program "changes often". I suspect the program doesn't but the database does.

    One other thing I'd look at is the settings on the AV side, but it being Kaspersky I can't provide details, as I'm not using that version.

    Yes, all local and internet traffic is watched by vsmon.exe. That's why it's so good (even if you have ocassional troubles) !

    Is the Oracle DB server in your LAN or someplace else?

    I don't understand "How do I configure ZoneAlarm from scanning the Oracle data on the local machine or within the local network". Are you talking about the scheduled scan or the continuous watch?

    ZA tech support might be able to help you if you describe your setup to them

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