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Thread: ZA settings wiped after Clone/entire disk copy

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    Default ZA settings wiped after Clone/entire disk copy

    I'm making a backup of an entire drive using
    new drive utility software (as if I was upgrading to a larger drive and copying all partitions).
    Everything on the drive is an exact copy except for the ZA settings being blank.
    I have ZA shutdown by a manual shutdown.
    I suspect something is staying in memory keeping the ZA setting files locked so they're not copied.
    Would it be better to try a reboot and not allowing ZA to autorun, or possible make a backup file of all settings and then restore them on the new drive after the copy is finished?
    I'm using Western Digital Lifeguard drive utilities.

    Operating System:Windows 2003 Server
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Antivirus

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    Default Re: ZA settings wiped after Clone/entire disk copy

    You can backup your setting under the ZA overview --> Preferences --> Backup.
    Then restore the settings.. after..

    It is not wise to use the same settings when you are changing hardware, ZA may not work properly.
    Better to take note of them and start with a clean install.

    By the way, please not that officially ZA does not support any OS server editions.


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