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Thread: How to give certain program clearances ?

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    fossil Guest

    Default How to give certain program clearances ?

    I have to give assents to the following few progs, and cannot find how to locate and permit them automatically:
    (for "System Restore&quot
    2 OKs required
    "MS Search"
    requires 11 approvals!
    - regularly reports that approval has been denied.
    Can someone help me, please?

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    zaswing Guest

    Default Re: How to give certain program clearances ?

    Re:"cannot find how to locate and permit them automatically"
    When you click the program entry, isn't there information about its location at the bottom of the screen? If not, if you right click, do you not get the Properties window?

    MSsearch and Deamon mean nothing to me, sorry

    What permissions are we talking about? I doubt Sys restore should go internet.
    Perhaps it's asking about the HIPS section of ZA - if you post details of your logs for those entries, someone might be able to help.

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    fossil Guest

    Default Re: How to give certain program clearances ?

    Hi zasuiteuser.
    Many thanks for your prompt reply.
    I am on ZAIIS, WINXP3S.
    I have located the program rstrui.exe in
    and have tried to add it to the program list using the
    "add programs" facility.
    Nothing seems to happen after I have located the program as invited and keyed Enter.
    I have searched for
    rstrui.exe in both
    Programs and Components - no luck.
    re Search.
    MS introduced the advanced Search facility some time ago:
    initially I found it and upgraded the standard facility, & now I believe it is included automatically in XPSP3S.
    It was the worst step I have ever taken.
    It is hooked in by one of the basic start-up progs, and it provides a constantly updated index so searching is instantaneous.
    I cannot find any way of unhooking it, nor reverting to the basic Search.
    I find it overcomplicated, and always use the original search facility which is signposted from the new one for the likes of oi!
    It pops up 11 times (eleven) times after every boot and is driving me Mad!
    re Daemon.
    This again appears after boot, then occasionally thereafter, although I tick
    'don't show again'.
    Because of its persistence I have wondered if it was some sort of subroutine (sub-suite) commissioned by ZA which I have somehow interrupted in its lawful business (I confess to quite regularly tweaking ZAsettings, indeed all prog settings - I was a progr many aeons ago).
    I think there was a last part to you reply: will look again and reply later

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    zaswing Guest

    Default Re: How to give certain program clearances ?

    MS search - do you mean when you look for files in explorer?
    If yes, the 11 alerts could be due to explorer wanting to search on the internet as well. Which in my opinion is a terrible idea. Just shut it off, forever. Click Tools, then Folder options, then View, then disable the first entry which says something like 'search for network or internet or the wild web folers and printers'.

    If that's not it, and it really is something you added, can't you just uninstall it? And if you do see it in ZA program list, just block it from the internet, unless you use SQL server or Exchange, it's unlikely you need it. I'm just not sure what MS search is.

    rstrui.exe if is entered into ZA, it might be described as System Restore so look under "s". But I maintain it has no business going internet to save/recover system restore points. It just makes no sense.

    Will you please find your logs and paste here the relevant lines only. Logs are in windows\internet logs\ZA....txt or log at the end.

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    fossil Guest

    Default Re: How to give certain program clearances ?

    Thanks for your advice.
    I can only think that these progs look for updates or something before running.
    I have got fed-up with ZAIIS release 8 so have reverted to R7 !
    Thanks anyway

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    fossil Guest

    Default Re: How to give certain program clearances ?

    Hi again
    The searching is totally INTERNAL, to set up an index so any required item in the pc can be retrieved almost instantaneously.
    Re yr suggestion:
    am I to look into, please?
    i.e. where do I find them?

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