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Thread: losing my ISP connection

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    Default losing my ISP connection

    i have ZA PRO running on vista and after ive been online for a time never a certain amount of time i lose my connection to my ISP when i run the diagnose my connection it says i am connected in the alerts i have a ICMP (type 8) with a ip that is from my provider it is incoming launch modem that is blocked by rule block all when i add it to a zone it still blocks it next time
    how can i resolve this setting or fix the issue

    my ISP provider is bellsouth .net which switched to att. net

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    Default Re: losing my ISP connection

    this is usually due to incorrect settings in the firewall zones. Ensure that your DNS and DHCP is added to the ZA trusted zone.
    See here how to determine your DNS and DHCP.

    The above is conditional to the correct settings of the ZA trusted zone that should be set to MEDIUM and not high.

    If the above fails you may want to try to reset the ZA settings and repeat the above. Also ensure you are on the latest version 8.400.020.

    Hope this helps


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    Default Re: losing my ISP connection

    afarmer : Additional information that might help.

    I'm having trouble with my Internet connection while ZA is running.At this link :

    Have a nice Day


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