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Thread: Wireless connection and zone alarm!

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    inbetweentheeye Guest

    Default Wireless connection and zone alarm!

    I have zone alarm, my computer is with vista premium.
    I don
    t have any problem to conect to LAN but not to any wireless.I have set up the wireless connection as either trusted or internet, but still not working. I am not very good with computers. Could anyone help me??
    Thank you

    Operating System:Windows Vista Home Premium
    Software Version:7.1 (Vista)
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Wireless connection and zone alarm

    Click here > < click on to the links. Images are available.
    click here >
    click here &gt;<hr>Make sure to read thru your ZA
    User Guide; various chapters, troubleshooting,
    including wireless network configuration wizard, etc.

    This is as far as I can go.

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