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Thread: ZA and other protection question

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    Default ZA and other protection question

    I saw that in anser to a post below that ZA does not work well with pc tools spyware doctor with antivirus.also not with pctools threatfire.
    I have been using this combination for some time now and have not noticed any problems. SHould I get rid of the other programs and just use ZA? Or if I continue to use both what sort of problems should I be keeping an eyes out for.
    Thankj you vry much for any info in this.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    patpierspn Guest

    Default Re: ZA and other protection question (like pc tools programs.)

    Sorry about the other post. I do not know how I did it.

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    Default Re: ZA and other protection question (like pc tools programs.)

    Hi!you should be aware that if your ZASS gets corrupted (e.g. updates don't work) or your system hangs/crash. It may be a problem related to the other tools. You do not necessarily see conflicts, the problems are behind the scene (e.g. kernel level).In case of infection the security tools will tend to block each other especially at the stage ofcleaning the malware with the end resultof LESS security. Do you really need a second opinion on spyware. Use non-resuident free tools like MBAM or superantispyware.Also you will enjoy a faster and more responsive PC.Do you want more feature and protection? Upgrade to ZA Extreme.Cheers,Fax

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