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Thread: auto update in version 8.0.298

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    jeagle Guest

    Default auto update in version 8.0.298

    I just updated my client about a week ago and since then like at least a few times a day it nags me to update and the settings are to update manually. The window stops anything going in or out till I deal with it so if I leave a download unattended it stops it. I am not one that grabs every single update that rolls out and this is enough of an issue I am thinking of going back to the previous version I had installed.

    I am new to the forum so if this has been addressed already my apologies. Thank you for any help in advance.

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    zaswing Guest

    Default Re: auto update in version 8.0.298

    what did you update, what client?
    what window stops what going in and out?
    what do you now use? which ZA and which version? paste results of the About window here.
    Is it possibly asking you to update a free version to the pro or suite version?
    is it talking about antivirus or antispware?
    Did you, when installing, check to be notified of updates?

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    jeagle Guest

    Default Re: auto update in version 8.0.298

    The version I am running is the Zone Alarm Security Suite version 8.0.298.

    I am running this version on a Windows XP Pro SP3 OS

    This is a full paid, registered version not a free or trial version.

    The window that keeps coming up is alerting me that it plans to send information to the zone alarm site to check for an update.

    I only get two options, to allow the info to be sent or not at this time. I click not at this time but another point in the day
    I will be once more bothered by this same window. I have auto update set to manually not to auto but it does not stop this.

    There is a box to check to tell it to stop showing the window when it wants to send info to zone alarm but I do not think it should be
    even wanting to unless I specifically set it to do so though auto update. I am not one to grab every update as they come out due to
    conflicts with software after the update in the past.

    Since my first entry I have checked the box to stop notifying me but now tonight I get a window telling me an update is available.

    This is exactly the behavior I did not want. Up until this version I never had this issue. I like to check for update as I am ready
    to incorporate them.

    and this window telling me the update is available wants me to set a number of days before it nags me again about this update.

    Were this a free or trial version I could understand but not a full paid version.

    This update I shall take because of the conflicker update but it is bothersome to me to have these things pop up during work I
    am trying to complete on my laptop.

    I hope this is better info than my first post. Thank you again for any help.

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    zaswing Guest

    Default Re: auto update in version 8.0.298

    I understand better now. Your settings look ok to me. But what we don't know is what you did during the installation. There were several places where you may have filled in some checks to be notified of updates. Perhaps if you reinstall differently, it'll work differently.

    or with your licence on hand to paste into the form, you can ask tech support

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    pacificbreeze Guest

    Default Re: auto update in version 8.0.298

    I see the same thing. With "Check for product updates" set to "Manually" ZASS still attempts periodic product updates. The behaviour is only noticable when "Alert me with a popup before I make contact" is checked because it throws up the "About to make a connection..." dialog.

    The update flag at byte 2C of HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Zone Labs\ZoneAlarm\CfgMain (0 = Manual, 1 = Auto) corresponds to the "Check for product updates" setting in the preferences GUI, but when set to 0 is still processed as 1 (Auto). This behaviour is new to 8.0.298.

    Waiting for a fix...

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    swdshchck Guest

    Default Re: auto update in version 8.0.298

    I have the same problem with ZoneAlarm Free version 8.0.298.

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    stheno Guest

    Default Re: auto update in version 8.0.298

    I also updated to this version (but the free one) and am having the same problem. I even tried a clean install and that made no difference.
    I guess we just have to hope that someone reports it to the tech group so they can find a fix.

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