I have an older (v. 6) version of ZA Pro. Thought I could find this by searching, but haven't:

Should established antivirus programs routinely be given Super (three green bars) trust level? And how about server permissions (trusted and access)?

That's my main question, but I'll also throw a few general program control questions in case anyone has input:

First, I've never understood whether or not Smart Defense Advisor is a program-resident database which is automatically updated regularly. If it is, am I correct in assuming that my installation of ZAP is using outdated Smart Defense information since my license expired quite awhile ago? If so, is there a way to subscribe to Smart Defense updates without upgrading to a later version of ZAP?

Finally, my version of ZAP has only the choices System and Custom for components it identifies as system components, instead of Automatic and Custom. Is System basically the same as Automatic for these programs?

Again, while I'd appreciate input on any of these questions, my most pressing issue is the first one, about whether antivirus programs should be granted Super trust and any server rights. Fyi, my new AV is ESET NOD 32 v4.


Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Software Version:6.1
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro