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Thread: Problems with "Internet Lock" with ZASS 8.0 in Windows XP?

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    jclarkw Guest

    Default Problems with "Internet Lock" with ZASS 8.0 in Windows XP?

    I use "Internet Lock" whenever I'm away from my machine because I'm always trying to limit access as much as possible.
    In the past I've gotten around the problems that this can cause by granting "Pass Lock" privilages to "Services And Controller app" (seems to prevent dropping my Internet connection when a new DHCP lease is required during "Internet Lock&quot and "Spooler Subsystem app" (so I can print to my TCP/IP printer through "Internet Lock&quot.
    But now I have a new version of Windows (upgrade to XP SP2 from 2000 SP4) and a new version of ZASS (upgrade from 7.0 to 80.298.035), so all bets are off, I guess.

    1) Does anyone else bother with Internet Lock?
    If so, what problems have you encountered, and how have you solved them?
    Am I Pass-Lock"-ing the right programs for XP?
    Or is this whole procedure inadvisable?

    2) I'm getting a 30-60s delay launching almost any program (from Command Prompt, Notepad, through any Office 2007 application), but only the FIRST time that particular program is launched during a given "session."
    One manifestation is that right-clicking on the ZASS icon in the system tray (to turn off Internet Lock) locks up the computer and gives no result for 30 - 60s, after which it behaves normally.
    (Here "session" seems to mean any extended period of inactivity, not generally a reboot or logoff/logon.)
    The Windows Task Manager shows CPU usage is 99% by System Idle Process during this delay (but I can't do much else while I wait), so I have no idea what's causing the holdup.
    After the machine gets "warmed up," however, there are no delays of any sort.
    Any suggestions to track down the problem?

    Possibly relevant details:
    Lenovo T61 (Core2 Duo), vintage June 2008, running Windows XP Professional SP2 -- factory-supplied downgrade option from Vista,
    (This is a problem that I noticed shortly after the downgrade, not a "new" problem appearing on an older installation.)
    All other current Windows security updates (plus Windows Search 4.0 but minus SP3, which Lenovo warns against, and minus IE 8, which is too new for my taste) have been applied.
    A bunch (but far less than half) of the Lenovo preloaded software has been uninstalled.
    The only security software is ZoneAlarm Security Suite
    (Yes, I did a clean uninstall of Norton before anything else.
    I use ZASS "Internet Lock" a lot, and one of the many manifestations of this problem is a long-delayed response to right-clicking on the locked ZASS icon in the system tray.
    Nevertheless, I did try a clean uninstall/re-install of ZASS with only a temporary improvement.
    Further, the problem does not arise every time I use Internet Lock.)
    Various other "tweaks" that don't seem immediately relevant have been applied, of course.

    The precise phenomenology of the problem is difficult to ascertain, but it seems to occur primarily after Power Options has turned the screen off for an extended period of time.
    (It's not allowed to go to sleep or hibernate automatically while plugged in.)
    In any case, it doesn't always happen after a reboot.
    What continues to puzzle me most is that there's no indication in Task Manager of anything going on at all.

    Thanks in advance for any help! -- JClarkW

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    jclarkw Guest

    Default Re: Problems with "Internet Lock" with ZASS 8.0 in Windows XP?

    If anybody cares, see the thread, "DHCP Is Not Renewed in 'Internet Lock'?" in the "ZoneAlarm Configuration" section for an apparent answer to both of these questions. -- JClarkW

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