GeorgeV I am so sorry that I gave you the impression that I do not trust the settings on the Zone Alarm Pro. I am just having a problem relevant to something that I did not cause. I do not fiddle with the settings other than to block the last 3 boxes (when they are not "system" and do not have the three GREEN bars).If they have the 3 green bars I leave question marks in them.

After I did the first reset I could not even access the Internet, and then FINALLY the Generic Host popped up and asked for access. It was NOT listed in the "program list", so I don't know how I could have accessed it. I have NEVER in the SIX plus years I have had Zone Alarm Pro ever had problems such as this.

I hate to part with it after all of these years. Right now, with no tech support locally because of the holidays I will have to wait until next week sometime to do the reset, if I even try. The ONLY glitch I have now is with the "no link" and that is only with one newsletter so I don't know if I should try to do another reset or not. The last advice I had from the live tech Zone person recommended that I do another reset.

I simply do not have the time. I am an elderly person and this has been a nightmare for me. I do apologize for the impression that I apparently gave you. Nothing could be further from the truth, I DO TRUST THE ZONE ALARM SETTINGS COMPLETELY, it is just that when I did the reset it did not completely solve the issue.

Thank you for the advice.