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Thread: Re: Email with and without ZoneAlarm

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    hanging Guest

    Default Re: Email with and without ZoneAlarm

    GeorgeV I am so sorry that I gave you the impression that I do not trust the settings on the Zone Alarm Pro. I am just having a problem relevant to something that I did not cause. I do not fiddle with the settings other than to block the last 3 boxes (when they are not "system" and do not have the three GREEN bars).If they have the 3 green bars I leave question marks in them.

    After I did the first reset I could not even access the Internet, and then FINALLY the Generic Host popped up and asked for access. It was NOT listed in the "program list", so I don't know how I could have accessed it. I have NEVER in the SIX plus years I have had Zone Alarm Pro ever had problems such as this.

    I hate to part with it after all of these years. Right now, with no tech support locally because of the holidays I will have to wait until next week sometime to do the reset, if I even try. The ONLY glitch I have now is with the "no link" and that is only with one newsletter so I don't know if I should try to do another reset or not. The last advice I had from the live tech Zone person recommended that I do another reset.

    I simply do not have the time. I am an elderly person and this has been a nightmare for me. I do apologize for the impression that I apparently gave you. Nothing could be further from the truth, I DO TRUST THE ZONE ALARM SETTINGS COMPLETELY, it is just that when I did the reset it did not completely solve the issue.

    Thank you for the advice.


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    garywa Guest

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    ZA Pro has a firewall and anti-spyware.
    It does not have virus or spam capability.
    See this ZA webpage which compares the features of the various ZA products:
    It sounds like you may have a firewall issue which is virtually the same between Pro and the Suite.
    Is it possible for you to forward me one of the problem email newsletters?
    If so, send it to (I'll spell it out so I don't end up getting spamed) (DELETED).
    I'd like to see if my firewall settings cause
    the problem or not.
    By the way, what email do you use?
    Is it web based email like yahoo, hotmail or gmail?
    Are you using an email program on your PC like Outlook, Outlook Express or Thunderbird?

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    hanging Guest

    Default Re: Email with and without ZoneAlarm

    Garywa, my apologies. I have not accessed the computer until just now. I have a Yahoo address and will use the ZONE USER FORUM as my subject. Hate to post my e-mail address here, but it should show up with the nickname Quicksilver.

    I will see if I can locate a message which is one of those which is causing the problem. I actually contacted Consumer Affairs and they said that they could find no problem with the message.

    I appreciate your attempts to delve into the problem with the "No URL for this link" issue. Will try to get back and find something quickly.

    Thank you once again for all of your help and understanding, not to mention patience.


    XP Home SP3
    IE 06 (not default)
    FF 3.0.11

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    garywa Guest

    Default Re: Email with and without ZoneAlarm

    I received your email with the newsletter just fine.
    Using IE7, I was able to open the email from Yahoo and when I clicked on each of the links, the corresponding consumeraffairs webpage opened without error.
    The ZA Firewall did not block it or produce the error message you receive.
    In the newsletter, there are 2 other links.
    Here is the URL that is reflected for the website:
    Trouble reading this? See
    Have you tried either of those links?
    Do they work?
    What browser are you using?

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    hanging Guest

    Default Re: Email with and without ZoneAlarm

    Many, many thanks to you garywa!! I feel that now I fully understand many of the issues I previously did not have a clue about. It is people such as yourself that share willingly their extensive knowledge with those of us who are less informed. The links in the newsletter I had mentioned are functioning without any problems at all!!

    My apologies for being unable to post this reply sooner.

    Everything is functioning just fine after the last reset, and I send all good wishes to you and yours!!

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