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Thread: Can't open downloads in VISTA

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    royedw Guest

    Default Can't open downloads in VISTA

    On May 9th I was able to download a software update, open and install it. Sometime after that something has affected my computer. Every time I download a file (ZA update also)when I choose the run option I am directed to another screen that tells me to: "choose which file you want to use to open the file" and a list of icons to select. In short, I cannot open any downloaded software!

    I'm running 32 bit VISTA Home Premium, a POS (you'll figure it out) operating system/ I have tried system restore but the restore points don't go back to May 9th and the latest (June 30th) doesn't resolve the issue. I've been told I inherited a virus or trojan but I've deep scanned the system twice w/ZASS to no avail. Once a trojan was quarantined but that's all I've seen.

    Is there anything that could be related to my ZASS in any settings etc. Thanks! Oh, I'm also running Forcefield


    Operating System:Windows Vista Home Premium
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    royrogers7 Guest

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    Me either... this began 'after' ZAES (ZoneAlarm Extreme Security version:8.0.400.020) was installed on my computer running
    Windows Vista Home Premium, Service Pack 2.

    I also cannot download any file in Firefox (3.5.2), I get the dialog box but the file name field is blank... but they download correctly using IE (8.0.6001.18813), I get the dialog box with the downloaded file name.

    Another interesting issue: Quicken cannot contact any of my financial organization accounts, the Firefox browser is not recognized... I must manually go to each - go through the extra security at each site and then download the financial file (via IE - - Firefox does not work with this).

    Very frustrating...

    Any ideas???

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    Default Re: Can't open downloads in VISTA

    Quote Originally Posted by royrogers7 View Post
    Any ideas???
    ZA 8 is not compatible with Firefox 3.5.X downgrade to 3.1.X or update manually to ZA 9.


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