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Thread: YouTube Service Hijacked By Spammers

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    Default YouTube Service Hijacked By Spammers

    <H1 class=storyHeadline style="PADDING-LEFT: 1px; MARGIN-LEFT: -2px; LETTER-SPACING: 0px; TEXT-ALIGN: left">YouTube Service Hijacked By Spammers </H1>
    <DIV class=storyDek style="MARGIN-LEFT: 0px; BACKGROUND-COLOR: white">E-mails that appear to be from YouTube's "invite-a-friend" service could be attached to a spam ring, security firm Sophos warns. <DIV class=storyDek style="MARGIN-LEFT: 0px; BACKGROUND-COLOR: white"><DIV class=storyDek style="MARGIN-LEFT: 0px; BACKGROUND-COLOR: white">Spammers are hijacking a service on YouTube to send out waves of e-mails that evade <NOBR>spam</NOBR> defenses by hiding under the video Web site's coattails.

    Security company Sophos warned users last week that spammers are exploiting the highly popular video Web <NOBR>site</NOBR> YouTube in an attempt to promote their own goods and online stores. The cybercriminals are dropping their spam messages in the "comments" section of the "invite-a-friend" service on YouTube, enabling them to send out spam that flies under the normal anti-spam radar.
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    Default Re: YouTube Service Hijacked By Spammers

    I can't help but too think that some of that could be sabotage too.

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