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Thread: Web's 'dark corners' are everywhere, group says

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    Default Web's 'dark corners' are everywhere, group says

    IDG News Service,
    It's getting harder and harder to know who to trust on the World Wide Web, according to online safety advocates
    On Tuesday, the group released its 2007 Trends in Badware report, saying the bad guys are finding new ways to place their malicious software on our computers -- often by compromising Web sites that we trust.

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    To All:

    Websites hosted on a server can be protected from website defacement and external attacks by properly configuring the servers and requiring authentication for uploading files to the websites. For ad-supported websites, the owners or operators must do their research when choosing whether to allow them space on their website. There should be some kind of written agreement so that each party is protected from adverse consequences, whether direct or indirect(using subcontractors).


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