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Thread: Finding better ways to block Spam

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    Default Finding better ways to block Spam

    While affiliates can help to sell products, they can also hurt a product. I have often wondered how much damage they can do to a business that hire the affiliates? I don't believe its much. I have tested some of the websites that you can sign up to be a affiliate. There is not much screening done at all. Some do not screen at all. Just sign up, and get the code. I have asked in the past as to why they permit a affiliate to advertise without showing a valid ID that can be reported to the "RIGHT" website that is paying them? For the most part the link goes to a website on the product, but it does not mean "That" website is the one paying them. Certain company's allow them to set up the websites as they see fit. They can use free hosting company's email, their own paid website, forums, etc. So I am just curious to the fact if they "had" to use a ID that also showed whom was paying them, with maybe a built in address in the ID, or someway to identify who was paying them would this help to cut down on the abuse of the affiliate programs out there? This could also cut down on the amount of Spam. It would cut down on the amount of Spam because the ID would link to the payer, and the spammer would not be able to change the ID in any way in order to hide behind the link. because the ID they use has to be valid, and because part of their ID is also the information you need incase of abuse. They don't get paid, unless they use that FULL ID. Then the ones getting the Spam would only have to grab that ID check the link in the ID or what ever and go to that website, and file a report on the spammer. The second part of this that needs to be done is the fact that the affiliate websites, a lot of them do not have a link to report bad affiliates at. So this would have to be changed also.

    Plus! The ones allowing the spammer to Spam could be held more accountable, because in the past this has been the number one reason why these website claim they can't catch them spamming, or do anything about it. or they do know, but choose to do nothing about it.

    Next we could have a list of websites that have a bad reputation, and block their emails, and website popups out right server side because we have a better way of knowing whom is doing the spamming.

    The fact is that up till now they claim a majority of spammers are in the US. If this is true, then possibly a better system for affiliates to follow may be in order.

    I hope I did not bore you with this ramble. Sorry if I did.

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    Default Re: Finding better ways to block Spam

    Hi Weebit,

    Thank you very much for taking the time and telling ALL of OUR VALUED MEMBERS about SPAM.

    PLEASE feel free to post anymore OUTSTANDING info on Computer Security that you and anyone else finds that would benefit ALL of OUR MEMBERS.

    EXCELLENT POST Weebit and that deserves a GOLD STAR.

    Have a Great Weekend!


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    Default Re: Finding better ways to block Spam

    Actually I was just wondering if this was a good idea and if not, if anyone else could post their ideas. If we get enough good ideas maybe we could find out whom could use them the most, and make sure they get them. A while back one of the security websites claimed that another website was collecting ideas, and they was suppose to haggle over them and see if they could get any to work. I don't remember the website though. I plan to do a search later. Right now it is storming.

    On a personal note I didn't think my idea was that grand. The major thing I had with it is not everyone will follow the rules, and many will find ways around it. Case in point join affiliate company's not based in the US. So do you be sure the loop holes are taken care of too? If so, is it a lawsuit waiting to happen? Or do you try to put a law in place that helps to regulate? I kind of think many will cry foul over that as well.

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