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Thread: Why are Windows machines automatically updating themselves?

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    Default Why are Windows machines automatically updating themselves?

    <H5>October 15th, 2007 </H5><H5>Mary Jo Foley</H5><H4>The mystery continues: Why are Windows machines automatically updating themselves?</H4>

    A (slight) update on last week s report that some Windows users are seeing their Vista PCs automatically update themselves and reboot.<BLOCKQUOTE>

    We have been hearing some questions recently regarding Tuesday s update release changing automatic updating settings. We have received some logs from customers, and have so far been able to determine that their AU settings were not changed by any changes to the AU client itself and also not changed by any updates installed by AU.

    We are still looking into this to see if another application is making this change during setup with user consent, or if this issue is related to something else. We are continuing the investigation, and as I have more information I will update this post.

    If you are running into this issue, your help would be greatly appreciated. You can contact support, and they can walk you through the steps necessary to provide logs and other useful data.

    So, it doesn t seem to be Automatic Update (AU) or the patches themselves at fault. So what caused last Past Tuesday s patches to be installed automatically and machines to be rebooted for a group of users who had chosen not to allow automatic installation of patches as originally reported on the AeroXperience site? It s still not clear whether it is Vista only (or also XP) that is affected and whether Windows Software Update Services (WSUS) users have seen the same problem.

    More to come when there s new info to share.

    Update (3:30 p.m. EST): I ve gotten notes from a few users saying that XP is also affected. Microsoft officials had declined to comment on which versions of Windows were affected by this update glitch. So far it seems to be XP and Vista. Other users of other Windows releases out there having the same trouble?</BLOCKQUOTE>
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    weebit Guest

    Default Re: Why are Windows machines automatically updating themselves?

    XP Pro is affected. My updates have been disabled for about 4 months. I have still gotten 2 updates. Only one of those I am not sure about because I was not witness to it. But one I was witness too, and I kid you not I could not even stop the update as much as I tried except for pulling the plug, which I could not do because I was in the middle of something. Getting to my modem at the time was a huge pain too. At the time I thought that my daughter or son-in-law had enabled it. I was mad, told them not to touch the settings, and checked, and it wasn't enabled. It rebooted all on it's own too. Good thing I saved my files and quit. But it just never dawned on me at the time to ask anyone. On another forum someone mentioned that this could of been a security feature added to our boxes, and this is why it is so hush, hush. Or it could of been a security hole that no one wanted us to know about, they just wanted to fix it and be done with it and still be hush about it.

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    watcher Guest

    Default Re: Why are Windows machines automatically updating themselves?

    Dear weebit:

    Do you have AU disabled both in System Properties AND services.msc? For services.msc, that includes disabling BITS as well(just below Automatic Updates).

    As for automatic rebooting upon installing updates, you can disable this behavior in the Registry. Drill down to the following and add the last subkey WindowsUpdate:

    HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUp date

    Add the following DWORD value name with decimal data value:


    Hope this helps.


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    weebit Guest

    Default Re: Why are Windows machines automatically updating themselves?

    I promise you I did all of that except for the tweak for not rebooting. Thanks. I can't explain it. Everyone here knows not to mess with my security settings, or system settings too. This is how I have kept this box clean for 4 years straight. No one messed with it, I checked.

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    watcher Guest

    Default Re: Why are Windows machines automatically updating themselves?

    Dear weebit:

    Well then, the only other thing I could think of would be to click Program Control, Programs tab, find the Windows Update Automatic Updates entry, click in the Trust Level column for that entry, and then click Kill. That's got to kill that process. Open it then only when you want to update.

    I manually update weekly but I pick and choose the updates.
    I click Custom when I reach their update site to allow me to do that.

    Hope this helps.


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