Heading into the holidays, too many recalls! We've made tracking them easier!

The names are familiar to children and adults alike: Winnie the Pooh, Barbie, Elmo. The brands are familiar too: Mattel, Banquet, Fischer-Price, J.C. Penny, and many more. In the past few months, companies have asked you to check your closets and toy boxes for brightly colored but toxic toys, and your refrigerator for foods that may be unsafe too.

Tracking recalls is a full time job! We've tried to make it easy. Just bookmark this page and check it regularly and you will find all the Consumer Product Safety Commission recalls in a simple list with a quick photo. You can also go to the USDA and the FDA for food recalls, and bookmark those pages too!http://www.consumersunion.org/campai...t/recalls.html

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