Rootkits Explained

Imagine a hacker program that is able to install itself on your PC and hide from your virus and spyware scanners like a living, breathing entity. Some rootkits are easily detected, but others are becoming increasingly difficult to find because they filter queries and are then able to hide executables and remove their entries from the task manager. This article will identify what a rootkit is, and offer simply ways to avoid them.

Spyware Preventive Maintenance

Do you run your anti-scumware (spyware and adware) and anti-virus programs only when you are having computer problems? If you do, then you may be too late and the damage may have already been done. It doesn t matter how well you think you are protected against these nasty files; they may still find a way to get on your computer.

Modify The Hosts File

Windows uses what is called the "hosts file" to look up IP addresses before going out on the Internet to use the Domain Name Service. A hosts file is used because it is stored on the PC and, therefore, fast. If the IP address is located within the hosts file, there is no need for the computer to use the DNS system. What does this mean and why do we care? From a security standpoint, we can modify the hosts file to protect our PC from sites that promote the spread of malware and spyware. So if your we browser tries to locate one of these sites, in theory, nothing should show up because the hosts file has blocked it.

Top Computer Security Tips

Strong Password Techniques

It's not enough to use passwords. Some PC users will pick a password they like and can remember and use that password for the rest of their lives. This is not a safe password policy, even if that password is tough to crack. Instead, we need to look at how often we change our passwords and the types of passwords we are choosing. Only then can we hope to close that particular door in network and computer security.

Stop Email Spam - Be Proactive

Protecting yourself against SPAM and Phishing scams needs to be a priority, as these types of nuisances make it difficult to have a normal Email experience and also pose a serious security risk. Your Email address belongs to you. Protect it.

Network Firewalls

Removing viruses and spyware from your PC is big business these days. It's so big that it has overshadowed basic network security practices. Installing a firewall on your LAN is essential to protect your PC from online exploits, and casual snoops. This article suggests some simple firewall solutions that will give your PCs instant stealth from hackers scanning the Internet for exposed computers.

Disabling Javascript in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera

Spam Code Examples

Example of HTML code used by spammers

It asks me to enter my email address to prevent future mailings. If you look at the code hilighted in red, it has a 'Hidden' value to record me, so no matter what I enter, it knows my email. It would then be sold to other spammers. The image is loaded remotely from their site, so if the image displays in your email, it will record that they've hit a genuine email address.

Online Security and other Scanners