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    Interesting comparison of ForceField (beta) vs SiteAdvisor

    I tested this feature using the freshest phishing URLs culled from real-world e-mail and from several sites that track such things. For a sanity check I also tested each URL using the phishing protection built into Internet Explorer and Firefox and also using the protection supplied by ZoneAlarm ForceField (the current antiphishing champ). As always, if all four approved a URL I dropped it from my list as being too old to prove anything. And if any of the four was unable to connect, I also dropped the URL as being too new. Over a period of several days, I managed to accumulate data about 100 definite phishing URLs.

    IE caught just over 70% of the frauds and Firefox got almost 80%. SiteAdvisor definitely did better, coming in just below 90%. But ZAFF remains champion; it blocked almost 95% of the fraudulent sites. Interestingly, 98% of the samples would have been blocked on a system running both SiteAdvisor and IE's built-in protection.

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    Interesting comparison of ForceField (beta) vs SiteAdvisor
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