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Thread: internet 7 security settings( What's best)

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    tasman Guest

    Default internet 7 security settings( What's best)

    What are good settings for the internet, local intranet, trusted site, and resricted sites in the tool, options ,security tab in internet explorer 7ThanksTasman

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    hello_im_mikey Guest

    Default Re: internet 7 security settings( What's best)

    THE best security setting I can think of for IE7 is getting and using FireFox........................................... ...

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    jdoliver Guest

    Default Re: internet 7 security settings( What's best)

    I use Maxthon which I believe is a shell that wraps around IE. Gives better security and add blocking.

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    Default Re: internet 7 security settings( What's best)

    Hi jdoliver,This browser looks very interesting and I may try it out, as I have been using I.E.7 and FireFox. Whatversion of Maxthon do you recommend to download and use? I see they have the latest 2.0 version and the Classic Version. Any suggestions, PLEASE?Thank you for your time and have a Great Evening!SlyFox

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    Default Re: internet 7 security settings( What's best)

    tasman,I keep the settings at their default, however I primarily use Firefox to browse. If you mainly use IE 7 then you might want tocustomize the levels and keep good ole ZA active with a resident AV.NNard:8}ZA AS 7.0.462.000NOD32 3.0.566.0
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    tasman Guest

    Default Re: internet 7 security settings( What's best)

    NNard, Thanks for the reply, I use ZA and a antivirus, I have the security settings in IE 7 set at default and just wanted to know if that was sufficient or would I need to
    customize and if that were the case I would not know what to change.thanks againTasman

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    zaswing Guest

    Default Re: internet 7 security settings( What's best)

    For local work, such as some sharing with another laptop or working with the router, in the Program Control, I just give IE7 access to the trusted zone.

    For going out to the internet, IE7 needs access to local host which just needs to be in the trusted zone on the Zones tab of the firewall, and it needs to have access to the internet on the Program Control - so it needs two green checks.

    IE7 has some security features which weren't in IE6 or 5, so I'd set up allowed and restricted things in there as well. I can't advise too much on IE7, as I only use it for very few, safe, things and my setup is far from the tightness one could have there.

    IE7 does have global (i.e. NOT site-specific, as in Opera) cookie control), popup blocker, phishing sites blocker, list of secure (https) sites (bank, webmail), long list of restricted sites (similar idea to the HOSTS file from which is better and easier to manage), and of course the very long list of checkmarks in the Advanced options.

    You might want to add those https sites. If I recall, MS updates sites want to be listed there as well.

    Nothing in the internet list, as these behave similar to ZA - everything other than already trusted or restricted.

    On the Security tab in tools of IE7, long list of what to allow, deny or prompt is under Advanced button. I've made a lot of prompt settings instead of allow there, but it's not clean enough so I don't consider it safe enough to share. And anyway, IE is just risky by design

    Intranet - can't comment. At work, the restrictions are such that my computer can't get in through Novell or any attempt at any server connection. But with VPN, the standard ZA settings worked fine once I told ZA and the router to allow VPN. Computers at work do get set up with some local DNS servers there.

    With ZA watching things so very well, when I was using IE6 with default settings, nothing got through except few cookies when I was using ZASS, so I suspect all I just wrote is unlikely to be needed in the final analysis, but an extra edge of settings won't hurt if you're still awake over my long story, and want to play

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    Default Re: internet 7 security settings( What's best)

    Have a look here and here and here and here.

    Tips and fixes are here(scroll down for the internet explorer section) and IE7FAQ and blogs.

    If using the IE as a main browser, you may consider using it in limited rights mode or with drop my rights.

    Best regards, Oldsod
    Best regards.

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    tasman Guest

    Default Re: internet 7 security settings( What's best)

    Thanks for all your input.Tasman

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    jdoliver Guest

    Default Re: internet 7 security settings( What's best)

    Hi SlyFox,
    They made major changes to the interface between 2 and the classic. I was used to the classic and found 2 annoying until I got used to it. If you've never used Maxthon, then you might as well go direct to 2.0. Maxthon has a very different look and feel from IE. I've never used Firefox so can't compare.
    Ad Blocking on Maxthon 2 is very good.

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