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    technoweary Guest

    Default CiceroUIWndFrame

    This is not a virus issue (I think) but I
    was hoping that sombody
    could give me
    some thoughts on this issue if I put it in the "Off Topics" forum.
    I have recently been getting a windows grey warning box that says:
    CiceroUIWndFrame:yop.exe - Application ErrorThe instruction at 0x7c3429c1 referred memory at 0x00000000.
    The memory could not be written.
    This message pops up occasionally when the computer is idle (like when the computer is on while I am watching tv) and not necessarily as a result of opening or closing a
    program or turning the computer off or on.
    I have been doing some research of "CiceroUIWndFrame on the net and learned that this "program" is a bug of sorts with Microsoft Office (in the speech and handwriting section)
    and to fix it you should go to Add/Remove Programs and make the Speech/Handwriting sections of Microsoft Office "unavailable."
    The problem is, however, I am not actively running Microsoft Office, ie. I used it on a trial basis when I got the computer a year and a half ago but the trial version of my Microsoft Office ran out in January (11 months ago.)
    So when I go to Add/Remove programs I cannot make the Speech/Handwriting options "unavailable" because the Microsoft Office program itself is not actively installed.
    I am very confused on what to do here since these messages just started showing up about a
    week ago.

    One other thing: it is possible I may be completely off the track here because even though I did find reference to error messages for CiceroUIWndFrame on the net; the error messages I read for them said the memory could not be "read" while
    the messages I get on
    my computer
    says the memory could not be "written."
    I don't know if this is a big difference or not.
    If somebody could give me an idea of what to do or where to go I would appreciate it
    I am wondering if I should create a restore point on the computer and just uninstall the trial version and the standard version (not activated) of Microsoft Office in my Add/Remove programs and see if the computer blows up.
    Thank you )
    I run Windows Xp Media Center

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:6.5
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    weebit Guest

    Default Re: CiceroUIWndFrame

    Do you leave things running in the background while you watch TV? What programs? Media software, A browser that always refreshes, Instant messengers, IRCChat software? etc. If you updated to the newest SP2 lately then sometimes you get this message when one of your software is not playing nice with the SP2. Check that all of the software you have running has been upgraded. Upgrade all of your software manually, then reboot your computer and see if you still have the problem.

    Another thing you can do is to check and see if the Microsoft Office is running in the background. This is done through services on the startup tab or you can check to see if it is listed under the msconfig under the "run" through the start button at bottom left. It should be disabled.

    If you find this does not work then you need to run a software that checks for viruses, spyware, etc.

    Post back if you have any questions. I am running on three hours sleep lol

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    weebit Guest

    Default Re: CiceroUIWndFrame

    Here is a website that has a subject devoted to this. Maybe this can help you also.

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