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Thread: Who deleted my post?

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    Default Who deleted my post?

    Made my first post in the 'Access Issues' forum yesterday as I found out ZA was restricting the speed of my cable connection so wanted to know why, subsequently that post has now 'disappeared' without any notice or reason?
    I tried to find the post by clicking on my name and using 'Find all posts by this user' but it says I haven't made any?
    Could any of the moderators in that forum please explain why my post was deleted (or where it disappeared to) as I don't understand it's removal.

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    Default Re: Who deleted my post?

    Hello. :8}Your message was moved out of sight, presumely by a guru. I am moving it back to Access in a moment, since I can find no part of it that breaks the forum rules.It could be an accident that your message was banned. Whatever the case, I will report this to the Forum Moderator for further investigation, if necessary.Sorry for the inconvenience!

    Message Edited by chiaz on 12-11-2007 09:41 AM

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    Default Re: Who deleted my post?

    Thank you chiaz, I wondered what had happened.
    If you or the other mods need any more information to assist you please let me know.
    Thanks again for the explanation.

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