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Thread: Opens ZoneAlarm the NSA a backdoor?

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    Default Opens ZoneAlarm the NSA a backdoor?

    ZoneAlarm*, Symantec and McAfee is accused, among users of their security programs to remotely access the NSA on the IP / TCP ports 1024 to 1030 to allow a security warning it would not.

    Why delete my questions?
    Against what did you afraid of?
    Is it because of the sale of the software?
    How long do you people still stupid?

    I come again!

    Zone Alarm*, Symantec und McAfee wird vorgeworfen, bei Anwendern ihrer Security-Programmen den Remote-Zugriff der NSA ber die IP/TCP-Ports 1024 bis 1030 zu erlauben, eine Sicherheitswarnung g be es dabei nicht.

    ffnet ZoneAlarm der NSA eine Hintert r?
    Warum l schen Sie meine Fragen?
    Vor was habt Ihr Angst?
    Ist es wegen dem Verkauf der Software?
    Wie lange wollen Sie die Leute noch dumm halten?

    Ich komme wieder !!!

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    Default Re: Opens ZoneAlarm the NSA a backdoor?

    This is an OLD story that from time to time comes back with more paranoia.If you do not trust a product don't use it. Its important you choose a product that you feel confortable with.And there are many free firewall out there to choose from....Please note that this forum is not monitoted by ZA staff, we are all users here.This is user support forum, I have moved your message in the appropiate section.Cheers,Fax

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    Default Re: Opens ZoneAlarm the NSA a backdoor?

    The NSA key is supposedly embedded in Windows itself (search on Google). There are patches you can apply to erase the key but like many rumours, it has never been proven.

    If you are really paranoid, download the source code for a LINUX kernel and check the source code yourself. Wen you're happy there is nothing suspect, hand code it into machine code and boot LINUX from that. Doing that by-passes any compilers or operating systems that could covertly add spyware into your compiled programs.

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