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    Default This is an OLD story that from time to time comes back wi...

    This is an OLD story that from time to time comes back with more paranoia.
    If you do not trust a product don't use it. Its important you choose a product that you feel confortable with.

    And there are many free firewall out there to choose from....

    Please note that this forum is not monitoted by ZA staff, we are all users here.
    This is user support forum, I have moved your message in the appropiate section.


    This story is not old! And I use a version of purchase, not freeware! And as a customer, I have a right to integrity, in the USA perhaps not! Here we react very concerned about the spy innocent citizens! And your response is inadequate and not honest! I shall from now on software from these vendors! Here in Europe we do not need to let us make stupid! Merry Christmas ...

    Diese Story ist nicht alt! Und ich benutze eine Kaufversion, nicht freeware! Und als Kunde habe ich ein Recht auf Unversehrtheit, in den USA vielleicht nicht! Hier reagieren wir sehr besorgt ber das spionieren unschuldiger B rger! Und Ihre Antwort ist unzureichend und nicht ehrlich!

    Ich verzichte ab sofort auf Software von diesen Herstellern! Hier in Europa haben wir es nicht n tig uns verdummen zu lassen!!! Frohe Weihnachten...

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    Hi!Please post your messages in the right forum section, moved to off topic.The story is OLD and the same is said of MS OS...Again if you don't trust ZA choose another tool for your needs. Aks for a refund and choose a tool you trust.There is no use of posting this here.If you have specif problems/issue with ZA please feel free to post in the right section.Otherwise you can contact ZA customer support at: Been a licensed user you can contact free of charge the ZA technical support: I am locking this thread to avoid further abuse.Cheers,Fax

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