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Thread: Is the high-definition DVD format war over ?

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    Default Is the high-definition DVD format war over ?

    <P style="LINE-HEIGHT: 13.5pt">Is the high-definition DVD format war over? <P style="LINE-HEIGHT: 13.5pt">
    On Friday, Warner announced it will release high-definition DVDs exclusively on Blu-ray. Analysts say this may mean the end for the HD DVD format. <P style="LINE-HEIGHT: 13.5pt">Only two studios support HD DVD. Five support Blu-ray exclusively.<P style="LINE-HEIGHT: 13.5pt"><xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-comfficeffice" /><o>;page=1</o><P style="LINE-HEIGHT: 13.5pt"><o></o>
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    Default Re: Is the high-definition DVD format war over ?

    <blockquote><hr>GeorgeV wrote:
    Analysts say this may mean the end for the HD DVD format...
    That's not what history would suggest. The Beta/VHS war between Sony (Beta) and JVC (VHS) was not won or lost on whether the major studios supported the format, or whether one (Beta) was technically superior to the other (VHS).

    What won the war for VHS was the support it received from the adult video industry. Sony have denied makers of adult movies access to Blu-Ray technology so they can't produce disks, hence the industry has no option but to go HD-DVD.

    The size of the adult film industry is enormous and has at least as much clout as the major studios. The war ain't over yet.

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