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Thread: Government/Cyber Law Authorized Criminals

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    Default Government/Cyber Law Authorized Criminals

    Since ZoneAlarm is restricted in blocking "Advertisement" pop-ups and other such annoyances, how can I depend on ZoneAlarm.
    At some point I had to reload ZoneAlarm back onto my computer and nothing happened.
    The first time I used it (moons ago) it immediately blocked things I never new were there.
    From 'higher ups' I know that many companies/organizations (web-based) took action against spyware (advertisement pop-ups) type applications, and won.
    It is apparent to me that those responsible for implementing and/or enforcing cyber laws are more interested in maintaining there personal closet-habits than the privacy act.
    Ability and/or inability to block pop-ups links to other areas of information/data security: a great concern.
    How does one know that their advertisement is being block?!!
    MUST be given more control as to who
    they let into their 'home'.

    However, it is clearly understood that
    could be given a voice in e-commerce, but someone who
    breaks into my home, steals everything valueable,
    is a criminal (besides hurting themselves and expecting the victom to pay).

    Visiting a store (web-site, network) does not give them the right to personal information: it's ludicrous!
    Therefore, why should a website be given the authorship to collect information from my system, just because I visited their website? This is unethical!
    But of course we all know that ethics is far from key interests!

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    Default Re: Government/Cyber Law Authorized Criminals

    You may try a ZA database reset and see if the filtering gets fixed.
    Try this and see if this works better:

    Boot your computer into the Safe Mode

    Navigate to the c:\windows\internet logs folder

    Delete the backup.rdb and iamdb.rdb files in the folder

    Clean the Recycle Bin

    Reboot into the normal mode

    ZA will be just like new with no previous settings or data

    Hmm ads you say do tracking.
    What about the site counters, sliders, popups and trackers, banners and .swf that is embedded with malware, evil tracking cookies, malicious javascripts and mime and such (gifs, etc)? Once the browser makes the initial request for the ad server's files, it is irrevelant if the ads appear in the browser or blocked by a firewall - your IP and possible cookies have been read and logged anyways.

    Can't really say I have any issues with the ZA's blocking _ I do not use it and use alternative methods. And very effective methods.

    The first line of defense is the protowall IP blocker for some ads/banners/spyware/troyans/unwanted sites and nations or continents/etc. Blocks all incoming and outgoing before the firewall sees the traffic.

    The second line and main is Privoxy, and chained to it is the WebWasher Classic (custom made block list and additional filtering). Beefed up the privoxy with some url block lists (like a host file) and the spam assasin list. This is far superior - the usual browser requests for ads/banners/etc are blocked off before they leave the PC and hence the sites ads/adserver never even saw your PC's IP or the file requests. These actually re-write and edit the incoming web pages before handing them over to the browser. This way the browser does not then make the usual requests from the additional sites and only then have the content blocked by the firewall when it is incoming.

    The third line is the browser - it has several specific filter .ini

    No ads/banners and few if any trackers are allowed in or can do any tracking. I use the ZA AS. Even better - the applications used are all freeware and do not cost a penny.


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