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Thread: Time Warner To Test Metered Pricing For Broadband - new price scheme in Texas town

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    Default Time Warner To Test Metered Pricing For Broadband - new price scheme in Texas town

    Leaked memo reveals testing of new price scheme in Texas town

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    zaswing Guest

    Default Re: Time Warner To Test Metered Pricing For Broadband - new price scheme in Texas town

    Well, it all depends on the meaning of "unlimited", does it not? LOL

    Comcast in Philadelphia area is doing the same thing. There are people who download 500meg of stuff all the time and they cripple the service.

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    Default Re: Time Warner To Test Metered Pricing For Broadband - new price scheme in Texas town

    <blockquote><hr>zasuiteuser wrote:
    Well, it all depends on the meaning of "unlimited", does it not? LOL

    Comcast in Philadelphia area is doing the same thing. There are people who download 500meg of stuff all the time and they cripple the service.
    I guess I got to hurry up and download some more stuff, before they start charging extra for it. Not just a few hundred meg, but many gigs.
    Best regards.

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    Default Re: Time Warner To Test Metered Pricing For Broadband - new price scheme in Texas town

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    prof_fate Guest

    Default Time Warner to test Internet billing based on usage

    I spotted this &quot;Reuters&quot; report and thought I would add it to this Review..Time Warner to test Internet billing based on usage
    (Follow-up Report)

    NEW YORK (Reuters) - Time Warner Cable Inc said on Wednesday it is planning a trial to bill high-speed Internet subscribers based on their amount of usage rather than a flat fee, the standard industry practice.

    The second largest U.S. cable operator said it will test consumption-based billing with subscribers in Beaumont, Texas later this year as a part of a strategy to help reduce congestion of its network by a minority of consumers who pay the same monthly fee as light users.

    The company believes the billing system will impact only heavy users, who account for around 5 percent of all customers but typically use more than half of the total network bandwidth, according to a company spokesman.

    Slowing network congestion due to downloading of large media files such as video is a growing problem for Time Warner Cable. The company said the problem will worsen as video downloading becomes more popular.

    But the move could prove controversial. Unlike with utility bills such as the phone or electricity, which have traditionally been based on usage, U.S. high-speed Internet subscribers have come to expect a fixed monthly charge. An Internet bill typically only varies based on the speed of the consumer's Internet access.

    Time Warner Cable, which has 7.4 million residential Internet subscribers, is hoping the move will not confuse consumers if introduced nationwide and is planning a trial period.

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