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Thread: Comcast calls slowdowns justifiable

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    prof_fate Guest

    Default Comcast calls slowdowns justifiable

    Comcast Defends Internet Practices:
    Groups have complained to the FCC about Comcast s traffic management practices. Comcast admits that it hampers file-sharing traffic. It says this is needed to keep traffic flowing for all of its customers. But how far will the FCC let companies go to manage traffic?

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Comcast calls slowdowns justifiable/ Net Neutrality

    In addition, Comcast has plans to charge extra for those who use their services - at above average levels - large usage = extra charges ?:0<hr>Currently PCWorld has a three piece series on this very subject - Inside Net Neutrality: Is Your ISP Filtering Content?- and the third on 2-15-08 I presume

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    watcher Guest

    Default Re: Comcast calls slowdowns justifiable

    To All:

    The bottom line is that people should pay for the bandwidth they are getting. However, it should be a 2-way street. Is there a service level agreement(SLA) whereby if Comcast doesn't provide the advertised bandwidth then the customer receives a refund for that month. Cable broadband has a bandwidth limitation when too many people are using their cable services while other customers are using the Internet. That's because they are sharing the same pipe. On the plus side, if people aren't using their cable service at any given time, you have all that extra bandwidth to use. It's all in the timing when you have cable broadband.

    As for usage levels, the devil is in the details. Before signing up with an ISP, they should be able to tell you what unlimited Internet usage is in hours/month and what can be downloaded per month(in MB/GB/TB). Mine does and it also disconnects me after 8 hours, no ifs, ands, or buts. That one I found out the hard way. It's a lease on the IP and it's a security precaution. I can reconnect but if you were downloading something big, it's a problem. If the ISP didn't specify these details in the contract, customers WOULD take advantage of it, to the detriment of the rest of us. There are people out there that spend 20+ hours/day on the Internet and some have even died staying awake for several days straight because they had an Internet addiction.


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    flyyourway Guest

    Default Re: Comcast calls slowdowns justifiable

    OH Hog wash, people should be paying for bandwith thats so 80ish.I pay for a service from my provider who at the moment is 2 out of the few top ISP providers, Comcast being one they charge me 54 dollars plus tax. Do I download bit torrents and use P2P? NO so should I be punished because I may upload and download more then my share of bandwith?

    Personally I believe Comcast and any other provider should be looking at upgrading their networks and spending money to add more pipelines,because more and more people are getting High speed internet and now that computers are becoming more and more reasonable homes may have 1 for each person in the household.

    Looks more like the companies want to get richer then fix the problem, and if there wasnt such a problem they wouldnt even be discussing this traffic management.

    Please note Watcher this isnt an attack towards you and your thoughts.

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    weebit Guest

    Default Re: Comcast calls slowdowns justifiable

    This brings to mind a few years back that many were complaining that their ISPs were cutting them off because of over usage online. [ahem] unlimited really is not unlimited. This has moved on to the cell phones now. Broadband has something else to toy with. My only beef about all of this is the ISPs get to set the limits. Plus add anything extra they feel like adding. Never mind that distant ISPs have been in war with the locals for years. For the locals are upset that the distant companies are grabbing their customers. So the locals toy with the service, and claim it is all justifiable because you are not using us.

    Which brings to mind that if the broadband companies are permitted to set rates for the amount of service you are receiving, then will they drop this toying of service?

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    watcher Guest

    Default Re: Comcast calls slowdowns justifiable

    Dear FlyYourWay:

    Your point is well taken. It all comes down to money. Verizon has what I think is the best infrastructure. They have invested heavily in optical fiber and are working on bringing it right to the customer's house(FTTP-Fiber To The Premises). Their customer service was rated highly recently in PC Magazine as well. Optical fiber has so much extra capacity built in. Unfortunately, it is very expensive. Right now, there is so much dark fiber, optical fiber laid out in the ground in the late 1990's but not used, which could be used. Part of the reason is that WDM has enabled more data to be transmitted in a single strand of optical fiber, increasing the carrying capacity of optical fiber even more for the same hardware cost. I'm waiting for cities to come out with their own wireless networks where the costs would be paid by taxes and maybe a small charge to customers for maintenance.

    Corporations always look to maximize profits. It's HOW they achieve that which determines whether the management running them are greedy or actually doing a good job.

    Please don't apologize for expressing your opinion. Whether or not you agree with me, I appreciate your input as I'm sure others do, too. There are plenty of people that support network neutrality. The only problem with network neutrality, IMO, is that, w/o restrictions, the network infrastructure of the Internet will have to be upgraded greatly to support this. Big telecoms own this infrastructure(backbones). ISPs must pay them for the bandwidth they use which they sublease, in pieces, to their customers.


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