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Thread: vsmon using abnormal resource?

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    Default vsmon using abnormal resource?

    Hi all, I am logged in after a long time, But was never out of viewing this great forum and viewing valuable thoughts of the learned members.
    However my present problem is, for last one month I noticed that when I logged in to my broadband via ADSL modem, for first 4-5 minutes all programmes are becoming standstill i.e. not responding as if like 'hang'. The processor fan is rotating at high speed making an abnormal noise.
    At that time vsmon.exe is using 50-51% CPU and 35-36 MB memory. Avp.exe , opera.exe are using its normal CPU share. After 4-5 mins. cpu fan speed becomes normal and vsmon.exe use of CPU is also 0-1-2%.
    My config is Intel D 2.66 GHz and 1GB RAM. WINXP SP2, Opera. ZA PRO and Kaspersky AV ver7.
    My quesiton is why vsmon is using such high CPU? Is there any configuration mistake of ZA?
    Moreover when I signed out of my broadband and logging in again without restarting this is not happening. After restart the same thing happens again.
    Please help. Thanks to all in advance and good luck to all members of this forum.


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    Default Re: vsmon using abnormal resource?

    Hi jenaguru

    Long time no see!
    Glad you dropped in.

    <hr>This is mine:

    P4 3.0 Ghz HT
    2G DDR2 533MHz
    One WD Raptor 74GB SATA and one WD Caviar SE 160 GB SATA
    Windows XP SP2
    Antivir/Avira Premium
    WebWasher Classic
    ASQUARED Free on demand
    One hardware firewall and two NAT/SPI routers (double NAT) for the LAN.
    <hr>Hmm more than likely the KAV is updating and doing a startup scan at the initial bootup. This would explain the increase in the ZA.
    But keep in mind the ZA is at the same time watching all of the incoming/outgoing connections at the windows startup (IM, desktop search, updaters, connections to the LAN devices and the router, multicast/broadcast, etc).

    <center>This is what my task manager looks like<center></center>

    <center>This is what the vsmon.exe is doing, as seen in the Process Explorer<center></center></center></center>

    At rest, it is zero CPU consumption for both the system and the vsmon.exe.

    Maybe the setup requires a little tweaking?
    Open the ZA and right click the avp.exe in the program list and open the Options:[*]check the first two items listed in the menu[*]uncheck the "Authenticate components" and check "Authenticate by full file path name only"[*]and Apply and OK.
    Repeat this for the or any other kaspersky file listed in the ZA.

    In the ZA open the Program | Main | Custom | OSFirewall tab | set everything to either Ask or Use System. Other than the IE homepage and Search and the install of activeX protection, the same protection for startups and host file protection is duplicated in the kaspersky.

    Disable both the Incoming and Outgoing Mail protection of the MailSafe in the ZA. After disabling the Attachments. I assume the kaspersky is set for doing a mail guard and doing two at the same time is overlap and conflict.
    Just use one email checker- the antivirus will do a better job as it will scan file contents for malicious code and the ZA only blocks by file extensions.

    Open the kaspersky - it been a while since I used this antivirus so keep alert! Set both the vsmon.exe (windows\sytem32\zonelabs) as Trusted and do the same for zlclient.exe (program files\zone labs\zonealarm). There was a component list and both these should be setup for the maximum freedom of use and in the items listed.

    Disable the startup scan of the kaspersky. Not really needed and this maybe one of or the main reason of the bogged down startup.
    You may want to adjust the updates - disable the automatic update on windows startups, as the kaspersky does affect the system and cause slowdowns when it does it's updating (kind of heavy in that respect). Also even though the kaspersky does offer updating almost by the hour on the hour, this is not really needed. Try just once or twice a day. This may sounds extreme but please realize I set my own antivirus updaters for every few days or so as I never really rely on/or have need for an antivirus for every day use.

    If I remember correctly, the kaspersky updater first did a DNS lookup, then connected out to the server using HTTP and the actual updates were transferred by FTP.
    FTP can be a tiresome job for a firewall as it requires very exacting stately packet inspection of the connections compared to the usual TCP traffic.</left>

    Best regards.

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    Best regards.

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