So here is my story. I hope some of the Gurus on this site, who migh have a fastlane to Checkpoint HQ, might spread some light how sad the product is on the Vista machine. I can only refer to how negligent support has been on two issues of quite important concern.
1) Blue Screen Of Death. I can accept it happens once in a while. Like months apart. But not several times a day as soon as high bandwitdth data is going upstream or downstream. The faulty file is tcpip.sys according to the error. But the actual probelm is Zonealarm for Vista. There has been complaints here and also at microsoft technet amongst other places. The problem lies in a flooded tcp which gets defective and crashes with a pretty nice BSOD a few times a day. Remove or just shut down ZA and I have no problems. Happens on 2 (two) different machines - one laptop and one
custom made htpc, both running Vista. On the htpc this started after going from free ZA firewall to Paid for ZA Suite. Thank you for my money's worth.
2) So, upgrade to SP1 you say. Oh well. Nice of you. SP1 in conjucture with ZA makes it impossible to access VPN!!! This has also been adressed on several forums, like this and microsoft technet. Uninsttall ZA and it works like a charm.
So Checkpoint has even gone out public and informed how closely they work with Microsoft on the TDI changes. Well, make it worth my while.
Meanwhile - I shouldn't have to wait 4x24 hours and still not hear anything from Zonelabs after 1) sending in a ticket request to support 2) calling in a ticket request as well.If I served our company's customers this poorly, I would be out of business. Hey, they even wanted to give me premium telephone support at a cost... Why pay for something I already know? The software is faulty.
So, to all the Gurus out there. Someone must have a direct link to GOD at Zonelabs HQ and feel compelled to pull their sleeve? Please, if you will, tell them how **bleep** support is working to 1) inform customers of the allready known issues 2) Release upgrades for allready known issues 3) Return to customers in good time that have requested assistance 4) make my money feel worth something. I'm running 20+ licenses private and at my office and I'm getting fed up. So, do I have to pull the plug or can I expect some decency?

Operating System:Windows Vista Home Premium
Software Version:7.1 (Vista)
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite