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Thread: scanning time.

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    jrcatman Guest

    Default scanning time.

    is there any thing i can do to speed up viris scans.
    it currently takes up to 2 hours 2 scan my computer.

    Operating System:Windows Vista Home Premium
    Software Version:7.1 (Vista)
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    Default Re: scanning time.

    Hi!scan engine in ZASS/ZAAV is not famousfor beenfast (Engine supplied by Kaspersky Labs) :8}The best is to scan when you are not using the system.Check that scanning priority in the advanced options of the antivirus/antispyware tab is set to HIGH (medium on default).If you have a lot of compressed files (zip, rar, cab, etc...) you may want to exclude them in the advanced options of the antivirus/antispyware tab (scan targets) since ZA will scan on-the-fly all elements in compressed files this applies also to double compressed files. As you may imagining this takesa lot of time and resources.Cheers,Fax

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    geoffjg Guest

    Default Re: scanning time.

    Apologies if you have already tried this BUT..........

    If you you haven't done so, go to Anti-virus/Anti-spyware and click on Advanced Options. Click on Scan Options and set scanning priority to 'High'.
    Doing so returned my own scan times to near normal again (from around 2.5 hrs back to 40 minutes)

    Hope the above helps to resolve your issue.

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    weebit Guest

    Default Re: scanning time.

    How large a hard drive is getting scanned?

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    Default Re: scanning time.

    Even windows compressing files to save harddrive space can increase the times.

    Other resident scanners (anti_spy, trojan, malware,keylogger, etc) running at the same time can slow the antiviruses full scans.
    Some will even scan each of the files scanned by the antivirus or viesa versa.

    Links to other folders/files can increase the scan times as the AV will now scan the same files twice or even more times.

    Bad sectors on the hardrive can increase the time.

    I usually exclude certain partitions/folders from the scan. These are just data/image files and have been previously scanned and are safe from malware.

    best regards.
    Best regards.

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    jrcatman Guest

    Default Re: scanning time.


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