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Thread: Researchers Create Undetectable Rootkit

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    Default Researchers Create Undetectable Rootkit

    Researchers Create Undetectable Rootkit

    Security researchers have developed a new type of malicious rootkit software that hides itself in an obscure part of a
    computer's chip, undetected by today's antivirus products.

    Called a System Management Mode (SMM) rootkit, the
    runs in a protected part of a computer's memory software that can be locked and rendered invisible to the operating system, but which can give attackers a picture of what's happening in a computer's memory. ...

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    Default Re: Researchers Create Undetectable Rootkit

    Could virtualisation software be classed as a "Rootkit". VMware for example runs between the BIOS and the OS and allows you to run Windows in a LINUX window and the user is none the wiser.

    Even rebooting Window is only a 'virtual reboot" and would give no clue that what you see is not exactly what you are getting. LINUX could be doing anything while the user is obliviously running Windows which of course, would not be able to detect it.

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