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Thread: kudos rimmer I agree with your comments

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    I read the entire comment by rimmer relating to issues he had with the companys performance (Check Point/ZA) I have different issues, but am nonetheless disappointed in the technical departments lack of response to my issues. And while I wholeheartedly agree with his statement and thankful recognition of the members of this forum (gurus), I was unable to achieve any results from the efforts of those people (no fault of their own). Secondly I agree that in a user forum, discussion of a persons experience with a product or it's company should be allowed. After all isn't user feedback an important element of any evolutionary process of refining a product and the users right ? I sent an e-mail to the tech department over 48 hours ago and haven't heard anything back (oh yeah they sent me a case number) Does this stand the test of whether a company really cares about it's patrons. In closing I too would thank the person/s who tried to respond to my posts and reflect no ill will to them or the operators of this forum, however other potential users of ZA products should be allowed to objectively see the down sides of using ANY product, especially after spending what I spent.

    rwrutl.......I will monitor this forum to see if I am allowed to express my views as well as ask for help, thanks again

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    Hi!by signing to the forum you acceptits ToS. There are many other forum that discuss about general, user or companyissues.This is just a user support forum to support users with ZA product issues. And, of course, you are welcomed to post messages about issues/findings/problems with ZA firewall that you would like to resolve.There are plenty of volunteers here, doing a great job.Given that ZA forum is not monitored by ZA staff, you can send your comments directly to them at I thank you in advance for your understanding.Cheers,Fax

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