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Thread: What about botnets?

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    "Whereas the IRC connections can be encrypted or properly secured and cannot be snooped on. Correct?
    And the official IMs are a conduit for advertising/sponsors - any serious advertising on the IRC channels? "
    IRC is as secure as they make it, it depends on the staff running it. Secondly, unfortunately the consumer comes along and installs a bad script. Plus much advice lays on the user knowing that anything can be broke if someone wants it bad enough nothing you do online is "that" secure.

    TalkCity was years ago heavy into advertising. I am sure there are others as well. They are the ones that managed to get their hands on the webtv users. Ample opportunity for them to make a buck and corrupt the masses. lol

    freenode is still the most robust educational IRC there is online IMO. There are a few IRC mock ups that favor the Windows platform, and a few mirrors of the freenode.

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    Default Re: What about botnets?

    Thank you very much weebit.
    Best regards.

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