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    Oldsod, I think you need to go to work for CheckPoint as a designer/programmer

    Help save us all!

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    I do not understand what is wrong with a website, when they can't even test the ads before they allow malware ads on their websites? Seems they just slap them up, and move on. If they periodically clicked these ads themselves to test to be sure of the content perhaps the malware ad writers would have less websites to infect. When they can infect the most popular websites online like they do, it is just like saying they have more power than the website owners. Unfortunately, websites give them this power, earn money from them, and then the malware move on to the next URL.

    ISPs will shut down a user if they are badly infected with malware... maybe the same should be done to website owners?

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    We have many here on the Zone Alarm Forum that are outstanding. Many go beyond the norm to help others. I no where fit their profile as of yet. But I hope I do one day. Hopefully without making any of them mad, or wish I would go away. I am sure I have rattled some nerves along the way. This Forum is the best in my opinion, and has some outstanding GURU's that I am happy to post along with.

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