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Thread: A Squared Anti Malware free at giveawayof

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    Default A Squared Anti Malware free at giveawayof

    A Squared Anti Malware. This is a full one year license. Nice application - one of the best anti malware detector/scanners.



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    Default Re: A Squared Anti Malware free at giveawayof

    It's a very nice product. BUT, the download page is confusing me

    1. Above the dowload square it says:
    "NB: This download includes full technical support and updates for 1 year."

    2. Below, it says
    "Unzip the package you've downloaded, and carefully read the instructions which you can find in the readme.txt file. This readme.txt file is included with all our downloads. Follow the instructions carefully to install and activate the software.

    a-squared Anti-Malware 3.5 is available as a Giveaway of the day! You have 12 hours 16 minutes to download and install it.

    Terms and conditions

    Please note that the software you download and install during the Giveaway period comes with the following important limitations:
    No free technical support
    No free upgrades to future versions
    Strictly personal usage"

    3. Finally, I just looked at the readme and it repeats what it says below. Also provides a key and the time limit to install.
    Hmmmm ...

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    Default Re: A Squared Anti Malware free at giveawayof

    Hard for me to understand exactly too.
    Either there is or is not any Technical Support.

    Came across the forum post where this is said:
    "Moreover when expired the Anti-Malware will not be "reduced" to free version.
    I think in the past it was like that but that was changed."

    which points to a life time license (no expiration) with no Technical support either and no upgrades?

    The A Squared Beta 4 version is out and is supposedly better than the give away of the 3.5 (of course all next versions are better), with less memory use and some enhancements. So I suppose this is a method to get peoples to try the paid version and perhaps buy it (instead of just using the freeware version as many usually use). And of course buy the new final version 4.


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    Default Re: A Squared Anti Malware free at giveawayof

    I linked this to a bunch of my friends yesterday while they had a few hours left to download the program

    So far they all like it (I mean who can complain with 39.95$ software becoming instantaneously free?)

    I, however, am unable to use it as I already have one to many security apps loaded (as Oldsod already knows).

    Anyone want to give the pro's and con's of A-squared vs. everything else?

    1.) Other than the give-away, it is freeware
    2.) It has a HUGE definition file

    1.) One of the most false-positives available
    2.) Seems to almost be purely definitions based
    3.) $39.95 is the MOST for a 1 year subscription to a ANTI-SPYWARE company (Spysweeper, Spyware Doctor, and Counterspy are all cheaper and bigger name companies); I prefer using that money for ZA-ISS ($49.95 for 1 yr, or sometimes cheaper if you catch a sale)

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    Default Re: A Squared Anti Malware free at giveawayof

    Actually the Asquared does have advanced heuristics - hence the false positives that keep appearing on occasion.

    Another Con would be the high memory use.
    Another Pro would be it is relatively light on the computer overall and there appears to be no lagging or delays (i.e. windows and the supported applications run fine and have no interference).
    Another Pro would be the HIPS in the ASquared that it uses to keep possible malicious files under control or prevent them from doing malicious events.

    Another Con - many antiviruses have spyware and troyan definitions included in their heuristics and database and are slowly making the dedicated antispyware and antitrojan and antimalware scanners un-neccessary. The antivirus is becoming not is no longer just a common antivirus of a few years ago when it just detected some viruses and worms but is changing into a scanner of all the malware. The ZA antivirus has an extended definitions database which goes past it's usual definitions of virus, worms and troyans and does cover adware and riskware or this spyware and malware.

    There is the arguement of which is better - an antivirus (or full time scanners) OR a system firewall such as the OSFirewall (part of the Triple Defense Firewall) of the ZA firewall and other examples such as pure HIPS or sandboxing. In this case the ASquared antimalware is both at the same time. Or the HIPS found in the ASquared.
    Sometimes a little of both is a good thing.

    I could see the ASquared a good gift for users of the ZA Free which has no HIPs or OSFirewall and dedicated antispyware scanner as found in the ZA Pro. Often many users of freeware firewalls usually continue and not just use a freeware firewall but usually freeware antiviruses and antispyware. So this addition would make their security setup more complete.

    At the time, I am just using a subscription antivirus and the ZA Pro for security (okay I will admit, I do use a fully loaded Privoxy and SnoopFree, but these in comparision are minor programs).
    Thought I would give it a whirl and see what it was like.
    Seems okay.
    I suspect there are many ZA users with a similar arrangement for security and will like the extra security program.
    Best regards.

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